Sunnie Tam

My brother was 31 years old. He had struggled with substance abuse and alcohol abuse when we were younger. My brother moved to Seattle around 2013, and was clean from Narcotics Anonymous for three years. I had no idea he went back to using. I used to be so ignorant to the idea of substance abuse, thinking if a person wanted to quit, simply they could… well my eyes opened up the year he died. He died on August 17th, 2016, and it was the most devastating day of my entire life. I was 26 years old… choosing a casket for my brother. I looked up to him, loved him, and admired and envied his beautiful bright energy and personality. He was like his name, he made life “Sunny.” It’s incredible to me that now there are fentanyl test kits, and noloxone kits to save lives from OD. I believe had there been more SCS’s and fentynal tests, and kits around at that time, he would have looked into this. He was the smartest person I knew. And had I been more open and listening, he may have opened up and confused in me. We need to end that stigma. He need to open our ears and hearts to those struggling with addiction so another 20 something year old doesn’t have to plan a funeral for their 31 year old sibling.