Memorial for Robert R.

Robert lived a very bright and colorful life as a true artist. He painted, he drew, he sculpted and he crafted the most exotic creations out of cast off detritus.

He had a struggle with pain due to health issues and somehow went from pain medications to using heroin. The path of getting medications from medical providers did not work for him.

He died alone at home one day in December two years ago because he could not quite menage to correctly dose himself due to blindness. If he had some help with his dosing, he could have managed to control his pain and not overdose. Yet, where was that help? Why did he have to die alone?

A Safe Consumption Site would be a good idea for giving people a place they could safely dose and treat their pain without the risk of death. There should be a consumption site in every neighborhood, as there are people in pain in every neighborhood. The cost savings for hospitalizations would more than pay for them.

And then we could still have bright shining stars here on earth, brightening our days. As it is we can now see Robert and many like him shining as stars above us – twinkling in the sky.

— Ray D.