Amber, first off, had the best laugh in the world. She loved her family and just adored her lil brother Zach (4 yrs old when Amber passed). She was a true, loyal friend. Amber was smart, compassionate, and independent. Look, no one is perfect, she could be stubborn and obnoxiously loud, as well, but that’s what made Amber, Amber. She loved the book/movie Alice In Wonderland and she loved dancing.

What I appreciated about Amber – besides her awesome sense of humor, and her great work ethic – she was non judgmental. She kept an open mind. I greatly appreciated that.

Its hard to tell a story of one good time together, there are just so many to choose from. Besides the few vacations at Disneyland, the good times we had together, well basically it was just her and I, having a conversation. Being able to not say a thing, we just needed a li’l eye contact, and we were on the same page. Those were great times.

I support Harm Reduction/SCS for one simple fact, they save lives.

— Michael Roberts