How did you determine the numbers used for this site?

We based our estimate off the 332 reported drug caused deaths in 2016. You can read more about the data and sources we use here: http://www.delaysmeandeaths.org/data-sources.

Where can I submit a story about a loved one?

Please know that our community grieves with you. You can submit a story and provide your contact information to learn more about the parents and loved ones who have come together in service to this effort at: http://www.delaysmeandeaths.org/submitastory.

What is an SCS?

Safe Consumption Spaces (SCSs), also known as safe injection facilities, safe injection sites, or drug consumption rooms, have been saving lives around the world for over 30 years. There are now over 100 sites worldwide. There have been millions of injections at these sites and ZERO overdose deaths. Learn more at: https://www.yestoscs.org/whatisanscs/

Why is Seattle a focus for an SCS?

Overdose rates are now at record levels, killing more than 300 King County residents each year. This epidemic is touching every member of the Seattle community. But together, we can help end it and save lives. Learn more about the effort in Seattle at: https://www.yestoscs.org/why-seattle/

What is Mayor Durkan’s position?

“Safe consumption sites are key to a harm-reduction strategy for our opioid crisis. We have proof that they work, and that they save lives.”

— Jenny Durkan (@JennyDurkan) October 20, 2017

How can I get involved in the effort to create an SCS in Seattle?

The City of Seattle and King County have recognized how essential SCSs could be in our community. That’s why the Seattle City Council included $1.3 million in funding for the creation of an area SCS in the 2018 budget and is currently working with King County to identify possible locations. But we need your help to hold our leaders accountable and to make sure this effort does not get stuck in government bureaucracy. Go to https://www.yestoscs.org/takeaction to see how you can join our efforts to create this life-saving opportunity in Seattle.